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Ingredients that made the cut…

Rumina Ingredients


Awesome, premium quality products for pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding and baby’s skin.

We care about the safety and efficacy of our products. Our formulas are free of harsh chemicals, parabens and phalates. We can assure you that our carefully selected suppliers are as committed as we are to uncompromising quality. Nothing is made from GMOs. We don't test our products on animals and our manufacturing is unparalleled in their professionals standards.

We are proud to use certified organic sources whenever possible. Everything you buy from us is gluten free and made from premium ingredients. We are the only company to use certified sterile, medical grade Manuka Honey. You and your baby deserve the best. As experienced practitioners we have met hundreds of mothers and babies in our practice. We know our stuff.

Our Lactation Formula is unlike any other. You may notice that our products do not contain some of the ingredients you see most frequently sold by other brands. Our Milk Aplenty tincture is truly unique and a blend of traditional wisdom and modern science. Here is what we don’t put in it and why:

Fenugreek is not an ingredient in our Milk Aplenty tincture blend.Fenugreek may be the most widely suggested herb for increasing milk supply but most of this evidence is purely anecdotal.There have been NO studies that show statistically significant results for increasing milk supply, suggesting that fenugreek is likely ineffective.There are also concerns regarding the potential for this herb to cause gastrointestinal problems, upset stomach and diarrhea in mothers and possible fussiness and green watery stool in infants.

Blessed thistle is perhaps the second most commonly suggested herb to new mothers wishing to increase their milk supply but there is simply no data available to support its use as a galactagogue. As a result, we do not include it in our formulation.

Fennel There are warnings against its use in breastfeeding women due to the concern of it passing into breast milk and posing a risk to the infant.Products containing Fennel are required by Health Canada to carry a warning stating that these products are NOT for use in breastfeeding mothers.

We care deeply about mothers and babies.Our medical backgrounds provide us with the ability to examine all the available research (or lack of), and determine which ingredients are safe and effective.All of our products have gone through the strict process of review by Health Canada and have been granted an NPN and lic ensure for sale in Canada.

Awesome, premium quality, efficient, gentle and caring that's Rumina Naturals!

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