Details matter. Packaging matters. What a company chooses to package their product in matters not only to the bottom line but it also to the environment AND to our health. At Rumina Naturals, we’ve taken a stance and are proud to recognize that our choices matter. Our glass bottles are more expensive than plastic – but this choice is worth it!

Benefits of Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass Is Better For The Environment

Glass is 100% recyclable and reusable without any loss of quality. Did you know that plastic bottles are only recycled at a rate of 14-30% and the remainder ends up in a landfill. Plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to degrade.

Glass Is Safer for You

Glass is a safer choice when it comes to our health. Plastics are made up of multiple endocrine disrupting chemicals (often petroleum based) and are known to leach into liquids, food and even supplementsBPA is a well-known chemical that has received widespread attention for being harmful – but experts warn this is only a single chemical. Even plastics that are BPA free should not be considered completely safe- and in fact, may leach chemicals.

Small decisions can have huge impacts. We continually strive to be a conscious and transparent company, which means not only caring about the quality of our products but also what we put them in.

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