Great question! Milk Aplenty is our blend of nature’s most potent herbs to increase milk production. It’s indicated for any Mama looking to increase milk supply and help with stress in the postpartum period. It is started once baby is born and can be continued throughout your breastfeeding journey. Goat’s Rue is a very unique herb that has a more specific action. It works directly on mammary tissue to help mature it further and thus help to produce more milk. It is indicated for women who did not experience significant breast changes in pregnancy or those who struggle with milk supply due to hormonal challenges, such as PCOS. It has the potential to lower blood sugar, so women with diabetes may need to monitor their blood sugars while taking it. Always inform your healthcare practitioner when you start a new herbal remedy. 

Many women take both tinctures together, to get maximum support for their lactation journey. 

A tincture is the ideal delivery mode for lactation herbs. It allows maximum absorption and utilization of the medicinal plants, ensuring a strong, therapeutic dose is available to help increase breast milk supply.