Verbena supports lactation and more…

Verbena officinalis, aka vervain, holds a special place in our hearts over here at Rumina Naturals. We LOVE this herb! When designing our lactation blend, we were keen on including a botanical that would deeply support a new Mom in her first few months after the arrival of her new baby. Sleep deprivation, change in routine and fluctuating hormones can make breastfeeding more challenging than it already may be. Gratefully, nature has blessed us with an abundance of nourishing herbs(learn why we also include Shatavari in our lactation tinctures) that are not only safe, but effective at harmonizing stress hormones and helpful to gently aid the nervous system of a new Mom. Here are a few things you may not know about this wonderful herb found in our Milk Aplenty Lactation formula to increase milk supply.

Verbena is a natural mood enhancer.

The ability of this herb to ease anxiety and feelings of stress is well-acknowledged and documented.

Verbena is useful for oral health.

Many women experience bleeding gums in pregnancy due to hormonal changes in progesterone, this herb is a traditional remedy to ease the pain and redness of gums while the body achieves balance post-baby.

Verbena is anti-inflammatory and may help in reducing pain.

Great news for Moms recovering from birth.

Verbena aids lactation

Last but certainly not least – it boosts breast milk production.
Truly magnificent but often overlooked – verbena – you have won our hearts!