I’m nursing my baby – do I need to take a prenatal vitamin?

Is supplementation required if I am breastfeeding my baby?

Although you are no longer growing a baby inside your body, you are indeed growing your baby outside of your body – making breast milk is a metabolically demanding process! 

Baby will take what is needed, often leaving Mama deficient. We can all agree that food is the ultimate source of nutrient density. Ideally, in the post-partum period, we’d eat whole-food meals, with ample healing fats and platefuls of restorative vegetables…but…in reality, the first few months are often merely survival. Food is a struggle for many of us. I remember my adoring food angels  brought over tantalizing brownies more frequently than roasted chicken, and sleep trumps hunger. Shut-eye is the ultimate indulgence in the post-partum period.  It is quite normal for food to take the back burner (pardon the pun!) and appetite to fluctuate wildly.

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It’s important to remember that the body heals faster on a physical level and our hormones stabilize quicker in the presence of necessary vitamins and minerals. You’ve been through a tremendous life-changing event and are naturally depleted. Traditional cultures revered this as sacred time for new moms – a time of profound healing, rest and nourishment.

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Continuing your prenatal while breastfeeding ensures you are receiving a baseline supply of nutrients. If you lost significant blood during labour, a bioavailable source of iron can be critical to your energy levels in the weeks and months to come. Some women stay on prenatal supplements throughout their entire breastfeeding journey and others will stop them once they have resumed routine eating habits. A healthy Mama is a happy Mama!