Treat sunburns naturally, safely and effectively.

Tamanu oil is nature’s answer to irritated, sunburned, sensitive skin.

So like a lot of Canadians, whose skin hides under fleece and wool for 8 months of the year, I’m pretty pale at the start of summer (pale might be an understatement). Aaaaaand, we might be a little excited to get outdoors into the sunshine and be a little careless about reapplying our sunscreen on ourselves. Or if you’re a mom like me I cover my children in 45+spf, make sure they’re wearing a sun shirt AND a hat but somehow forget to put sunscreen on the back of my legs (ouch!). Luckily I remembered that Tamanu oil is actually one of the most healing oils (touted as far better than pure aloe even) for sunburnt skin! It has calophyllolide and coumarins (both powerful anti-inflammatory agents) and it also stimulates the growth of new healthy cells. It also provides an instant calming/cooling sensation-sweet relief to my red legs!

So now the Baby Rump Rub ointment with organic Tamanu oil is my absolute go-to for an aftersun/sunburn remedy!… you don’t have to tell anyone your aftersun cream is actually a diaper ointment!