How Frequent do Newborn Babies Actually Eat?

Maybe you’ve heard this common breastfeeding myth: Newborns need to eat every 2-3 hours around the clock.

Although this might be somewhat true for some babies and new babies typically nurse about 8-12 times in 24 hours (yes…..this does mean you tend not to get a whole lot of sleep in the first weeks!), it doesn’t mean babies are run by the clock. Since babies aren’t born wearing wrist watches they really just want to eat when their tummy is empty-and if your stomach is tiny this means often!

Baby Cluster Feeding

Babies may go a stretch of 3-4 hours once a day but also tend to want to nurse every hour at times. Cluster feeding is also a completely NORMAL infant behaviour that usually occurs in the evening (when your milk volume may be lower but the fat content is higher) and may concern new parents that mom doesn’t have enough milk.

How to know if baby is getting enough milk

At some point or another, most Moms wonder why their baby seems hungry all the time. Rest assured that as long as a baby is meeting their diaper counts and is gaining weight well you certainly have enough milk!

Babies nurse for many different reasons: hunger, comfortand love. Or just to satisfy their need to suck. These are ALL good reasons to offer the breast, plus allowing a baby to nurse often and nurse on demand will also help you to maintain a healthy milk supply!

What About Low Milk Supply?

If you are concerned seek help from a lactation consultant early. They can determine if you truly have low milk supply and can guide you in ways to help increase your supply and ensure your baby is growing well.

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