Hand Foot Mouth Disease - A Surprise Use for Diaper Rash Cream

A testimony came in that we must share! HFMDis a common viral infection which usually presents with a feeling of malaise and fever. In the next couple of days discolored spots or bumps appear on the hands, feet and mouth - these may blister and cause pain and discomfort. There is no specific treatment for it - management typically focuses on achieving symptomatic relief of pain from the sores, while the body self-resolves the infection within a week or so.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Diaper Rash Treatment

The following testimony comes from Megan - who was desperately seeking relief for her daughter's foot sores. Unresponsive to conventional treatment, she turned to our diaper cream, Baby Rump Rub- if it works well on sore, irritated bottoms - maybe it would help?

Hand Foot Mouth Disease Relief

"This isn't just your basic diaper rash cream. It's all over skin magic. When my two year old contracted hand foot mouth disease, this was literally the only thing that gave her relief on her peeling, itching little feet. I applied it liberally and often and I am certain her feet healed quicker and with less discomfort than if I hadn't used it. Although it has been months since her breakout, she still insists on a nightly foot massage." Megan, Momma to India.

Natural Diaper Cream is First Aid for Bottoms and Beyond

The natural synergy of our formulation lends itself supportive for all sorts of skin ailments. Did you know our products can also be used as a natural sunburn treatment? Our Totally Tallow is also great for those dry gardening hands! Read our ingredients - you'll be glad you did! Purchase our Natural Baby Diaper Cream for irritated skin.