Being a new mom is challenging – to say the least. Feelings of vulnerability are normal. Worrying about your child’s latch or weight gain are to be expected. Loving someone with such enormity brings with it new complex feelings that are often confusing. But – you should NOT be saturated by constant feelings of overwhelming misery and anxiety. Persistent feelings of inadequacy as a Mother or disconnect from your baby are not normal and you need to seek support and help from your healthcare practitioner.

Being Tired Increases The Risk of Depression

Often overlooked in its role in depression as just a “normal” part of being a new parent is fatigue. Research confirms what intuitively as Mothers we know to be true: being tired affects our mood. What are some ways to mitigate the exhaustion of sleepless nights?

  • Stay connected with friends and family. Ask for help. Prior to arrival of baby, it’s ideal to arrange for food angels – to drop off meals in the six weeks after labour. If possible, prepare frozen meals in advance.
  • Cleaning can wait a day. Your nap with baby is more important. Arranging extra help for scrubbing toilets and cleaning floors is not an option for many families, so you need to give yourself some grace. The dust can wait. It’s okay.
  • Consider adding key superfoods into your diet. All of us who have had children know how hard it is to eat regular, wholesome meals after baby arrives. Snacking becomes commonplace. Skipping meals, while not optimal, is reality for many of us until we come up for air. Consider adding moringa – it’s IDEAL for nursing Moms – it aids lactation and is a nutritional powerhouse.

Listen to your body. Check in with your energy – if exhausted – tell your partner or friend. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. You’ve got this, Momma.