15 Jul
Natural Sunburn Treatment

Treat sunburns naturally, safely and effectively.

Tamanu oil is nature’s answer to irritated, sunburned, sensitive skin.

So like a lot of Canadians, whose skin hides under fleece and wool for 8 months of the year, I’m pretty pale at the start of summer (pale might be an understatement). Aaaaaand, we might be a little excited to get outdoors into the sunshine and be a little careless about reapplying our sunscreen on ourselves. 

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15 Oct
Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease - A Surprise Use for Diaper Rash Cream

Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease - A Surprise Use for Diaper Rash Cream

A testimony came in that we must share! HFMDis a common viral infection which usually presents with a feeling of malaise and fever. In the next couple of days discolored spots or bumps appear on the hands, feet and mouth - these may blister and cause pain and discomfort. There is no specific treatment for it - management typically focuses on achieving symptomatic relief of pain from the sores, while the body self-resolves the infection within a week or so.

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01 Sep
The Best Treatment for Diaper Rash

The Best Treatment For Diaper Rash

Ouch! Your baby's diaper area is irritated. It's hard not to shed a tear along with your sweet bundle of love. Now what? Sore, irritated bottoms are a cause of alarm for all of us. Not surprising, social media threads are filled with conversation about what to use. The pain caused by inflammation of baby's delicate skin make treatment a top priority. Gratefully, nature has provided the most effective, fast-acting remedy.

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