Why Prenatal Vitamins Cause Constipation

For good reason, most prenatal vitamins contain iron. We’ve chatted about the importance of carefully monitoring your iron status in pregnancy. Your health practitioner will routinely screen for anemia at the beginning of your pregnancy. A diagnosis of low iron in pregnancy is often accompanied by many confusing symptoms – fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches and malaise.

The treatment however, can often cause another totally unwelcomed symptom – constipation! Iron is tough on our gut. It’s hard to absorb, but for those women who are struggling to eat iron-rich foods (especially in the first trimester), iron supplementation is a necessity.

Non-Constipating Prenatals: Womb to Grow

We have carefully selected Iron Bisglycinate – a very gentle, highly absorbable form of iron to use in our comprehensive prenatal vitaminResearch shows it’s ideal for the sensitive digestive system of a pregnant woman. Iron bisglycinate is a non-constipating form of this essential mineral. Pregnancy is hard enough, forming new red blood cells shouldn’t have to be!

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