The Best Treatment For Diaper Rash

Ouch! Your baby's diaper area is irritated. It's hard not to shed a tear along with your sweet bundle of love. Now what? Sore, irritated bottoms are a cause of alarm for all of us. Not surprising, social media threads are filled with conversation about what to use. The pain caused by inflammation of baby's delicate skin make treatment a top priority. Gratefully, nature has provided the most effective, fast-acting remedy.

Don't be shocked if you haven't heard of tamanu oil before. Its revival is in part due to research recognizing it as an outstanding skin regenerator. Native to the South Pacific,

Tamanu oil is a top oil to consider for diaper rash

What makes it a top oil to consider for nasty, irritating diaper rash? It's highly absorbable, completely natural and FAST acting. It accelerates wound healing by promoting the formation of new tissue. It's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Even more exciting is that it’s completely cloth diaper safe and also provides a great moisture barrier for added protection.

Look no further, our Baby Rump Rub proudly features tamanu oil "happy baby bottoms everywhere will testify" this stuff is awesome!