Top Reasons to Delay Baby’s First Bath

Delayed Bathing – Consider delaying baby’s first bath

Did you consider or request to delay your baby’s first bath? How long did you wait?

Let’s chat about a few factors to consider delaying bathing a newborn baby:

  1. There’s really no rush. That first bath can be such a lovely bonding moment for parents.
  2. If your baby is unbathed, hospital staff will have to wear gloves when handling your baby- lowering the risk of hospital-acquired infections.
  3. Leave that amazing vernix on – research has shown that vernix has immune properties, giving your baby a natural protective layer.
  4. There’s no better moisturizer known to man!
  5. More time for early skin to skin.
  6. Can help prevent loss in body temperature caused by bathing too early. Early bathing can also create stress in a newborn and also lower their blood sugar.

It’s great to hear that many hospitals and birth centres encourage the practice of delaying baby’s first bath!