Baby Sleep Regression Is Normal

Let's normalize sleep for a moment, or rather lack of sleep to be more accurate! You know those dreaded Mommy conversations that leave us forcing an awkward smile as we start to doubt our skills as a parent simply because our baby does not sleep through the night or better yet, once DID sleep but now has suddenly regressed. Ooh! there isn't a term more bizarre than sleep regression to suggest that our child is moving backwards into a less developed state. On occasion, your child will wake more frequently during the night and this is NORMAL and to be expected.

Why Babies Go Through “Sleep Regression”

Remember that your baby needs to nurse not only for thirst and hunger but also for pain relief, love and many other reasons. Mother Nature is a genius get this as your child's immune system develops and is necessarily challenged – nursing patterns must change to ensure they are receiving the correct, ever-changing components of Mama's milk. We haven't even begun to explore the rapid and profound physical changes that often precipitate new night waking. Rolling over is one most Moms will agree and teething, oh teething. Cognitive advancements often accompany a period of less sleep as well. These will pass.

Baby Sleep Regression Is Often Vital

Remember your child is not regressing, if they suddenly start to wake during the night. To develop optimally, there will be periods where extra love and nursing sessions are actually vital to their well being. They will find their way back to restful nights, as will you.

Tip: Now is not the time to start sleep training as this tends to force longer periods between nursing sessions and can decrease your milk supply, creating further problems and certainly more stress for Mom!