06 Nov
Baby Sleep Regression – Is It A Regression?

Let's normalize sleep for a moment, or rather lack of sleep to be more accurate! You know those dreaded Mommy conversations that leave us forcing an awkward smile as we start to doubt our skills as a parent simply because our baby does not sleep through the night or better yet, once DID sleep but now has suddenly regressed. Ooh! there isn't a term more bizarre than sleep regression to suggest that our child is moving backwards into a less developed state. On occasion, your child will wake more frequently during the night and this is NORMAL and to be expected.

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01 Apr
New Baby and Skin to Skin Contact - Intuition meets Evidence Based Medicine

New parents share a common desire to do what’s best for their new baby. There is so much parenting advice available – being overwhelmed is expected! One contentious topic of debate is skin to skin contact – some claim it is an absolute necessity for optimal development of a child, while others don’t feel it is as important. Among natural parenting groups, we err on the side of maximizing skin-to-skin contact, for many reasons

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