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24 Oct
Is There Such a Thing as NIGHT milk and MORNING milk?
This question seems to be coming up lately on popular parenting forums: is there such a thing as night milk and morning milk and does morning milk wake babies up while night milk makes them sleepy!?
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15 Feb
Which Lactation Tincture Is Right For Me?

Many women take both tinctures together, to get maximum support for their lactation journey. A tincture is the ideal delivery mode for lactation herbs. It allows maximum absorption and utilization of the medicinal plants, ensuring a strong, therapeutic dose is available to help increase breast milk supply. 

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28 Dec
A Nurtured Postpartum – Guest Post – Bright Beginnings

And so it is, a new mother has been born.

Postpartum is a time like no other. It can be many things, but it will no doubt transform our hearts and our lives. As a modern culture we prepare very well for birth, and also for a new baby. Preparing appropriately and thoughtfully for postpartum however, is often overlooked.

You are the body that built baby. Now you’ve birthed her too.

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04 Dec
Postpartum Thyroid Dysfunction – Part 1

We’ve all heard it – the stories of hair loss, excruciating fatigue and trying mood swings –  almost of a  ‘right of passage’ to be experienced in the months following the birth of a baby. Brain fog and memory loss, aka ‘mommy brain’ is part of this myriad of symptoms that most women, to some extent, experience in the postpartum period.

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06 Nov
Baby Sleep Regression – Is It A Regression?

Let's normalize sleep for a moment, or rather lack of sleep to be more accurate! You know those dreaded Mommy conversations that leave us forcing an awkward smile as we start to doubt our skills as a parent simply because our baby does not sleep through the night or better yet, once DID sleep but now has suddenly regressed. Ooh! there isn't a term more bizarre than sleep regression to suggest that our child is moving backwards into a less developed state. On occasion, your child will wake more frequently during the night and this is NORMAL and to be expected.

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30 Oct
Why We Use Glass Bottles For Our Packaging

Details matter. Packaging matters. What a company chooses to package their product in matters not only to the bottom line but it also to the environment AND to our health. At Rumina Naturals, we’ve taken a stance and are proud to recognize that our choices matter. Our glass bottles are more expensive than plastic – but this choice is worth it!

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