Treat Your Body Like a Goddess


It is a miraculous gift to have life growing inside of you. At no other time will you be in love with someone youve never met, with such devotion. Here are a few whispers of wisdom, infused with love, from us – to you.


Get connected. Find your tribe and love them up! We werent meant to do this alone. The wise women of generations past revered pregnancy and the postpartum period as sacred. An entire community rallied behind an expecting family. Cherish your developing relationship with your MD/Obgyn. Consider a doula. They are pregnancy and labour BFFs! If accessible in your area, hook up with an IBCLC, midwife and Naturopathic Doctor. Lactation support and wellness practitioners will guide you and help you stay strong. They have your back!


A peaceful heart energizes the body. Your connection with your growing baby is intimate and unlike any other. Whatevers good for your soul do that. Babe will love it! Experiencing peace doesnt mean we must live without hardship. It means we can tap into a calm state of mind amidst the challenges of life. Yoga, deep breathing, laughing, rest and art help balance your nervous system and shift us from a stress response to a deeply restorative state. Its true – science backs us up on this one!


Gratefully, modern science has discovered what traditional people have known for ages that the nine months of pregnancy is the most consequential period of our lives. The development of our organs and tissues are sensitive to the environment. What we put on our bodies matters big time. Avoid synthetic fragrances and chemicals in your cosmetic and cleaning products. This goes for new babes delicate, sensitive skin too!

Addressing nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy may result in higher energy levels for Mom, increased sleep quality and help to ensure a healthy growing baby. Supplementation during pregnancy can reduce the risk of neural tube defects, type 1 diabetes and other neurological conditions. Prenatal vitamins are especially critical for women who have a tough time keeping food down.


Believe from the depths of your heart that you are enough. You are the right mom for your child. Bra off. Hair Up. Belly Out yup, some days are just going to be like this. Its okay. Other days youll be walking around the park, energized and showered. A balance of both is healthy and normal!

#currentlytrending: sore nipples and tired eyesbaby has arrived!

The much anticipated moment brings about a time of great transition for families. Your beautiful bundle of bliss doesnt come with instructions although we all wish they did! Every baby has a unique story some need more time to adapt to the world outside the womb. Just as the seasons change, so does your baby. Every phase brings with it new joys and new challenges. Remember the rule put your oxygen mask on first dont forget to take your supplements, eat nutrient dense foods and seek help when needed.