Expo West 2017 Introducing Rumina Naturals to the world. Expo West is an annual springtime convention, nestled next to Disneyland, in Anaheim. It’s a gathering of the world’s leading natural health companies. Needless to say we were a wee bit nervous… Pictures tell a thousand words. We arrived in sunny California, from chilly Canada, and […]


Colostrum Collection – Hand Expression Becoming a Common Practice

Colostrum Collection – Hand Expression Before Arrival of New Baby Although unfamiliar to many women, collecting colostrum during your final weeks of pregnancy is getting a lot of attention and becoming more common for good reason. In the past, this practice was reserved for mothers with special circumstances. In situations where we knew it […]


Herbal Tinctures To Increase Breast Milk Supply Taste Bad But They Work!

Lactation Herbs May Taste Bad – But They Work We hear ya!!!! Traditional preparations of herbal tinctures don’t taste great! There’s no sweetener and no added flavours to make it more palatable. Just 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to increase your milk supply. Our tinctures are STRONG, we put a full therapeutic dose of […]


Mompreneurs in YYC

YYC WE LOVE YOU We LOVE our city. Being a YYC Mompreneur is the best! We’ve had such outstanding love and support sent our way – and are feeling some serious gratitude today…for you! Spread the love – who are your favourite local small businesses? Are you a Mompreneur – let’s connect. Let’s support each […]


Herbal tinctures top choice to increase breastmilk supply

What is a tincture? Tinctures are liquid extracts of herbs that are taken orally, by mouth. Typically extracted in alcohol, they are convenient and a highly effective mode of administrating concentrated botanical medicines. Breastfeeding moms should support lactation with tinctures, not tablets. Moms seeking herbal solutions for low milk supply face an overwhelming number of […]