Freezing Breastmilk

Breastmilk Storage – Freezing Breastmilk

Freezing Breastmilk Mamas re-entering the workforce or those whopump theirbreastmilkfor a variety of reasons are often curious about whether long termfreezer storage ofbreastmilkwillcompromise milk composition and quality. Its a logical concern we want the best for our babies! Given the tremendous effort to pump and store breastmilk we think this question deserves an […]

Rumina Naturals Tinctures

Effectiveness of Herbal Lactation Tinctures vs. Capsules

Are Herbal Tinctures as Effective as Capsules? Myth: Dried herbs in capsule form are just as effective as a tincture. Many people are unfamiliar with taking herbal medicine in tincture form because they simply aren’t as common in traditional western medicine. They require a very specific manufacturing process that takes time and knowledge, plus constant […]

nursing in hot weather

Breastfeeding in hot weather

Does my breastfed baby need water in hot weather? Breastfeeding myths busted! It’s our favourite day of the week – Myth Bustin’ Monday! Q: Mercury is rising and it’s hot outside! Should I give my breastfed baby additional water to prevent dehydration? A: Research confirms that babies who are exclusively breastfed don’t need extra water […]


Natural Sunburn Treatment

Treat sunburns naturally, safely and effectively. Tamanu oil is nature’s answer to irritated, sunburned, sensitive skin. So like a lot of Canadians, whose skin hides under fleece and wool for 8 months of the year, I’m pretty pale at the start of summer (pale might be an understatement ?). Aaaaaand, we might be a little […]