Herbal tinctures top choice to increase breastmilk supply


What is a tincture?

Tinctures are liquid extracts of herbs that are taken orally, by mouth. Typically extracted in alcohol, they are convenient and a highly effective mode of administrating concentrated botanical medicines.

Breastfeeding moms should support lactation with tinctures, not tablets.

Moms seeking herbal solutions for low milk supply face an overwhelming number of choices. Shelves are filled with teas, tablets and liquid extracts – all promising the same benefit – more milk. Join us as we explore these choices – and conclude that tinctures stand out as the top choice for lactating Moms.

Your ability to assimilate (make use of ) a herb is the most important determining factor in it’s ability to work. Tinctures offer many advantages for breastfeeding Moms, over teas or capsules or tablets. Tinctures do not require digestion. You dont need to extract the medical components from the plant cellulose, its been done for you! This means you access the benefits easier – great news for Moms looking for fast support. Assimilation is quick – tinctures are taken under the tongue and enter the bloodstream rapidly for immediate results. Research confirms that within 1-4 minutes your body will begin to utilize the benefits of a tincture, vs a capsule or tablet which require a minimum of 20 minutes to break down.

Tinctures are very convenient nothing needs to be brewed, unlike a tea. Let’s be honest, in the first few months after baby arrives, every moment counts. Even better – you can carry them with you at all times, which is a must for Moms on the go.

When milk supply is an issue – go with what works the best – a herbal tincture.





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4 thoughts on “Herbal tinctures top choice to increase breastmilk supply

  1. Karolin Mosesi says:

    I love your product. I introduced this herbal tincture to my sister who just had her first baby. She started taking it right after delivering the baby and she had no problems with milk supply. Her milk came in on the 3rd day with such ease and no issues. I wish I had this when I was breastfeeding my child years ago.

  2. Deanna Tymochko says:

    When my son, Austin was born via emergency c-section, my body struggled to rebound & make milk due to all the drugs they gave me to deliver my son & post partum. My son’s birth weight was plummeting & the doctor’s were tell me to supplement. I contacted a Lactation Consultant, and asked her for advice. She advised that one of the most potent herbal supplements I could take was a Goat Rue Tincture. I was desperate as I”d tried so many other products. My choice to try it was on the heels of the doctors prescribing Reglan, which is known for its severe side effects on both the mother & baby. So I tried it. Within a week I noticed a difference in my breasts,they felt more firm. Within 2 weeks I noticed my son was happily suckling milk & was starting to actually get full. At each sitting & still pumping 2-4 oz extra. Tinctures may taste awful but are the fastest and most reliable way to bring in your milk!

    • Rumina Naturals says:

      Hi Amber,

      Yes you may take them directly under the tongue. Because of their strong taste, many Moms are putting them in 1-2 ounces of juice or water. Thanks for your great question!

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