Lactation Consultants Welcome Rumina Naturals with Open Arms


ILCA 2016 – the gathering of dedicated International Board Certified Lactation Consultants – and our debut! This year’s conference celebrated baby-friendly practices that support and promote breastfeeding – in all settings and stages. We were so energized and completely inspired to be surrounded by practitioners and vendors whose hearts and minds are passionately devoted to the precious mother-baby relationship.

IBCLCs – Lactation Consultants who improve breastfeeding outcomes .

An IBCLC is a healthcare professional who has a unique skill set and knowledge base to specialize in the clinical management of breastfeeding. Faithful and committed to supporting lactation care in both routine and high-risk circumstances, IBCLCs are a critical member of a new mom’s health team! We met practitioners from all over the world – France, Dubai, Canada, USA, Japan, Greece…

Moms are seeking natural breastfeeding support.

We were so thrilled to hear from practitioners around the globe that moms everywhere are demanding natural, high quality breastfeeding options to help with low milk supply and issues that are common for new baby: irritated dry skin, and sore angry bums.

Moms are driving companies to step up and eliminate toxic fillers and chemical by-products. Rumina is proud to meet the challenge and excited to offer truly natural, organic options for families everywhere!



Rumina Naturals

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